Baul Mela in Bangladesh: An Ancient Rural Festival

Baul Sangeet is one of the traditional music of ancient rural Bengal. Baul Sangeet has so beautifully and deeply inspired the village life of Bengal that Bengalis have been protecting this Baul Sangeet and its practitioners for centuries. Baul Mela is one of the feasts among the various cultural events related to Baul Sangeet. 

Baul Mela stands as an example to the cultural vibrancy and spiritualism deeply rooted in the Baul tradition. The fair serves as a platform to showcase their mesmerizing musical and poetic performances rooted in the philosophy of the Bauls. Come to delve into the fascinating world of Baul Mela in Bangladesh and explore its significance in preserving cultural heritage.


Emergence Of Baul Mela In Bangladesh

Baul Mela started in the rural areas of Bengal. There is a gathering of Bauls from different regions and a collective expression of spiritual thought. Gradually, the fair attracted many visitors beyond the rural areas to different cities and international levels and immersed them in the mysterious world of Baul songs.

This festival can be counted as a proper medium to showcase the talent of the Bauls and present their heritage to the future generations. Nowadays, it is so important to preserve the tradition of this Baul Sangeet. Because it is carrying the old tradition of Bangladesh. 


Popularity Of Baul Sangeet

Baul Sangeet is gradually increasing in popularity in the city as well as in the village. Audiences of all ages are fascinated and enjoy Baul Sangeet. Behind the incredible popularity of the Baul Sangeet is its universality and deep sense of humanity. Baul songs have now become popular internationally.

In 2008, UNESCO officially listed Baul Gun as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Behind this recognition is Lalon Sai’s Lalon Geeti. People have become more interested in Baul Sangeet after listening to Lalan’s songs. International interest in Bengali Baul Sangeet has increased. Also this recognition has created an opportunity to preserve and spread Baul songs.


Baul Gadgets

The instrument with which the Bauls sing is special. These instruments also carry rural heritage. And their musical tunes are also amazing. Baul instruments include ektara, dotara, dhol, dugi, khol, bamboo flute, dadra, jhumur, sarinda, khomok etc. are very popular among bauls. These musical instruments make Baul Sangeet more diverse, spiritual and mystic.


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Celebrating Baul Mela

At this point we will know about the celebration of Baul Mela. So, explore down-


Baul Mela is celebrated all over Bangladesh. Various arrangements are made from villages to cities which adds a unique flavor of festivities. Popular venues for Magical Baul Mela are held in Kushtia, Shahzadpur, and Kenduli. In addition, a large Baul Mela is also organized in Demra of Dhaka. 


The durability of the baul mela in each district of Bangladesh is different. But the minimum duration is 3 days. And the fair lasts for a maximum of 7-8 days. However, the duration of this fair is more or less in some cases. So it is difficult to say exactly the period of the fair.


The Attractions Of Baul Mela

Many interesting and lovely things are organized in Baul Mela. Everything useful for family life including wooden dolls, flutes, sticks, blankets, stone bowls, large fishing nets, small iron items can be found in this fair. There is a rush of buyers and bargains. In addition, there is a Nagordola and magic shows are organized and children’s lines are seen.

If you are hungry while walking around, you can find Jilipi, Eggroll, Moghlai, Tea, Coffee and many other foods to satisfy your hunger. Bauls, Vaishnavas, Kirtaniyas have temporary residence here. In many fairs, music continues throughout the night. The arrangement of songs is so mesmerizing that you can not notice when the night passes.


Workshop And Seminar

Baul Mela often includes workshops and seminars. There various scholars, musicians and enthusiasts from home and abroad gathered to discuss Baul philosophy, the essence of music and its relevance in contemporary society. It raises many important issues and highlights how this traditional fair can be sustained and enriched.



Baul Mela in Bangladesh stands as a resplendent celebration of folk music, spiritualism, and cultural harmony. Baul Sangeet gives us tranquility.  This charming festival not only preserves the rich heritage of the Bauls but also brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering cultural exchange and unity.

Let us cherish, support, and embrace the enchanting world of Baul Mela. Proper measures should be taken to preserve this traditional song so that Baul songs do not get lost. As a result, so many beautiful songs can be gifted to future generations. There is no alternative to baul songs to get a taste of spiritual songs. Listen to the Baul song and be overwhelmed with joy.


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