Top 10 Tourist Places in Dhaka: Make A Tour Today

Are you looking for the best tourist places in Dhaka for one one-day tour or to visit some historical places in Dhaka? You can find a lot of tourist places in Dhaka that bear the history of Bangladesh. Places like Lalbag Fort, Ahsan Manzil, or even the Sahid Minar bear our cultural history.

At present, Dhaka has several historical places to visit for both local and international tourists. In this article, I’ll discuss the top 10 tourist places in Dhaka with the exact location. I’ll also explore a brief history of these places. So, let’s dive into this article and get an idea about some of the best visiting places in Dhaka.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh where you can find numerous historical places to visit. Let’s explore the top ten tourist places in Dhaka.

Lalbag Fort: Lalbag, Dhaka

Lalbagh Fort, a 17th-century Mughal stronghold, stands as a prominent tourist destination in Dhaka. Its construction commenced in 1678 under the leadership of Prince Muhammed Azam, the third son of Aurangazeb, during his time as Viceroy of Bengal. In 1853, during the Pakistan Period, the fort served as a cantonment. Following Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, the government meticulously renovated and opened it to the public.

A notable highlight within the fort is the exquisite tomb of Pari Bibi, adorned with lavish marble, drawing visitors from near and far. Additionally, the former governor’s residential building has been transformed into a modest museum, showcasing a rich collection of Mughal paintings, and calligraphy, as well as an array of swords and firearms.

Ahsan Manzil: Old Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil is one of Bangladesh’s most notable structures and it is one of the tourist places in Dhaka. The Buriganga River lies nearby to the south. You will notice the floral garden on the side of the road as you enter the gate. Anyone who sees the red, blue, and purple blossoms will be astonished. The sight of Ahsan Manzil will leave people of all ages in awe.

Numerous significant relics from the turn of the previous century may be found here. The Nawabs of the British Empire lived in this Manzil. You may observe Nawab’s home and many artefacts in this setting while listening to the mild and gentle music.

Liberation War Museum: Agargaon, Dhaka

The museum is located in the Dhaka neighbourhood of Agargaon. There are four galleries in the museum. Here are maintained pictures and records of the independence warriors. Newspaper cuttings and other items utilized by the freedom fighters throughout the conflict are also abundant. The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Declaration of Independence is placed in gallery 3.

A few of the personally owned items of some of our intellectual martyrs are kept at Gallery 4. To learn more, we ought to go to the museum. Some of the personal items of the Bangladeshi intellectuals who were murdered are displayed in Gallery 6. The Liberation War Museum is the best visiting place for those willing to know about the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Ramna Park: Moulana Bhasani Rd, Dhaka

Ramna Park is a significant green space and recreational area in Dhaka. With many trees and a lake close to its centre, the park is one of Dhaka’s most picturesque spots. This Park has a long history and is traditional. There are a lot of trees in this park and under this banyan tree, there are seating areas. In addition, there are several seating areas and numerous flower beds around the park.

The government is actively pursuing this issue, and this park is quite transparent. Here, the Bengali people annually commemorate Pohela Boishakh. There are large numbers every day since men of all sexes come here in the early hours to work.

Dhakeshwari Temple: Bakshi Bazar, Dhaka

In Dhaka, there is a compelling and famous tourist attraction known as Dhakeshwari Temple. It is renowned as one of Bangladesh’s most important Hindu temples and has a rich historical and cultural history. The temple is a live example of the nation’s religious diversity because its history dates back more than a thousand years. Its beautiful architectural features, exquisite artwork, and peaceful atmosphere fascinate visitors.

An important event is the yearly Durga Puja celebration, which draws both visitors and believers. Dhakeshwari Temple offers a peaceful retreat from the busy metropolis while also revealing the spiritual tapestry of Bangladesh. It is a must-see location for anybody touring Dhaka’s rich cultural history because of its historic significance and stunning architecture.

Bangladesh National Parliament: Sher-e-Bangla Nagar

Bangladesh National Parliament is one of the best and most popular tourist places in Dhaka. Located at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, it is generally known as Jatio Sansadh Vaban. The main attraction of this place is the Parliament building which was designed by Louis Kahn, an American architect. With a total area of 200 acres (81 hectares), the structure is one of the biggest legislative structures in the world.

This structure is a remarkable illustration of how contemporary architecture may be incorporated into Bangali folk architecture. The structure’s massive presence is its most distinguishing characteristic. Kahn wanted to use precisely geometric forms to create the ultimate representation of the new democracy for the parliament.

Armenian Church: Armanitola, Old Dhaka

The thriving Armenian community that formerly thrived here in the 17th and 18th centuries is memorialized by the Armenian Church in Dhaka, a tribute to the city’s unique multicultural tapestry. The church, formerly known as the Holy Resurrection Church, is situated in the busy district of Armanitola and it was founded in 1781.

Its tranquil grounds, which are ornamented with an old bell tower and stately gravestones, stand in sharp contrast to the noise of the nearby city. With its fusion of Mughal and European features, the church’s architecture inspires adoration. For travellers, this historical treasure offers a singular window into Dhaka’s varied history, making it one of the best tourist places in Dhaka.

Curzon Hall: Ramna, Dhaka

The University of Dhaka’s Faculty of Science is distinguished from all other departments by its stunning construction. The Curzon Hall, which bears Lord Curzon’s name, was constructed in 1904 and has maintained its wonder as well as beauty despite several renovations over the years.

The brilliant red façade of the buildings is what you see immediately away as you enter the faculty. The topic is carried out across the faculty, which has at least six distinct departments. Mughal and European influences are combined in the building to create a really remarkable setting for exploration and awe.

Central Shaheed Minar: Secretariate Rd, Dhaka

The Shaheed Minar, often referred to as the Hymn to Joy Tower is a memorial in Dhaka, Bangladesh, built to honour those who died during the 1952 Bengali Language Movement events. The tower is constructed of black granite and is 62 feet (19 meters) high. It is situated in the heart of the campus of the University of Dhaka. Muzharul Islam, an architect, created the Shaheed Minar.

Eleven years had passed since the events the monument honours when it was finished in 1963. Every year on February 21—the anniversary of the rallies of the Language Movement—thousands of people visit the Shaheed Minar, which is festooned with flowers and wreaths. It is frequently referred to as the “Tower of Blood” and has come to represent the national identity of the Bengali people.

Novo Theatre: Bijoy Soroni, Dhaka 1215

The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre can be found in Bijoy Sharani, Tejgaon, Dhaka. It was once called the “Bhashani Novo Theatre.” The name “Bangabandhu Novo Theatre” is presently used for it. Ali Imam, an architect, created it. This planetarium was made available to Bhashani Novo Theatre by the Bangladeshi government’s Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology.  

Novo Theatre was founded as a non-formal science teaching centre with the goal of eradicating superstitions and blind faith from society and fostering a good attitude toward science in general and among students in particular. The Ministry of Science and Technology established this theatre.

Wrap Up

You will discover this amazing site while touring Dhaka, which honours the nation’s history and the process by which it attained independence.

 These are the top 11 tourist places in Dhaka that you just must see. Don’t forget to sample the well-known foods that are available on every corner while you’re here. Now that you are aware of the main attractions in the city, make your travel plans and reserve your serviced apartments in Dhaka.

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