Top 10 Best Khagrachari Tourist Spots to Visit in Vacation

Are you willing to know about the best Khagrachari tourist spots to visit? Khagrachari often hailed as the “Hilltop Paradise,” is a captivating tourist destination located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. This region, with its lush green hills, dense forests, and meandering rivers, stands as a testament to nature’s splendor. Khagrachari is home to a variety of attractions.

The district is also rich in cultural heritage, hosting diverse indigenous communities, each with its unique traditions and lifestyles. The combination of scenic beauty, cultural richness, and the warmth of the local people makes Khagrachari an ideal destination for travelers seeking tranquility, adventure, and a deep connection with nature and culture.

10 Most Popular Khagrachari Tourist Spots

Explore Khagrachari, Bangladesh’s hidden gem, featuring lush landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique attractions for an unforgettable adventure and cultural immersion.

Alutila Cave

Matai Hakor, often known as Alutila Cave, is a cave in the hill area of Khagrachari. This location, Matai Hakor, is just before you reach Khagrachari city, which offers a ton of activities. You may spend fifteen to twenty minutes exploring the cave located here. The 1000-meter-tall hill known as Alutila or Arbari Hill is where the cave originated.

The vegetation that surrounds the hill region is quite green. It is a 100-meter-long cave. Its natural design resembles a subway, and the bottom is where cold water flows. It needs torches or flambeaux, which may be purchased locally, to see sufficiently well to navigate the extremely dim cave. A variety of neighborhood eateries situated on these hills provide cuisine samples.

Richhang Waterfall

Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Khagrachari, Richhang Waterfall gracefully emerges as a testament to nature’s artistry, showcasing its pristine, naturally sculpted beauty. It is among Khagrachari’s most stunning tourist attractions. Even though it is not as large or broad as the other waterfalls in Bandarban and Rangamati, its beauty can nevertheless leave you in wonder.

The entire force of Richhang Waterfall is visible during the wet season. The water roars fiercely as it pours. In the center of a thick tropical jungle sits this waterfall. It takes effort for people to navigate the slopes and climb to the breathtaking splendor of Richhang. The muddy hills are hard to climb during the wet season.

Mayung Kopal

Situated in Khagrachari Hill District, Mayung Kopal Hill is one of Bangladesh’s most popular tourist destinations. Elevated 1208 feet above sea level is this hill. Khagrachari Hill District’s Perachara Union is home to Mayung Kopal. This hill has grown to be a popular tourist attraction, particularly for adventure seekers.

The Tripuri indigenous people reside atop Mayung Kopal. The Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board built the hill’s steps in 2015 because it was difficult for hill people to get up the steep slope. It will take you 300 stirs to reach the summit of this slope.

Horticulture Heritage Park

The Horticulture Heritage Park is one of the best Khagrachari Tourist Spots, and is a breathtaking blend of nature and culture. Nestled in the heart of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, this park spans over a vast expanse, offering a serene escape into nature. It’s renowned for its diverse collection of flora, showcasing a range of exotic and indigenous plants.

Horticulture Heritage Park serves as a vital center for horticultural research and conservation, contributing significantly to the region’s ecological balance. Visitors can explore various sections, including themed gardens, orchards, and greenhouses. The park also integrates cultural elements, reflecting the rich heritage of the local ethnic communities, making it a unique destination for both nature enthusiasts and cultural explorers.

Khoiyachora Waterfalls

The waterfall is known as Khoiyachora Waterfall since it is situated in the Khoiyachora municipality of Mirsarai Upazila. There are around eleven paths there. The Khoiyachora Waterfalls are thought to have started flowing around fifty years ago. You enjoy it so much because of its beauty. This area has it all—adventure, excitement, beauty, and trekking.

To take in the breathtaking scenery and observe the full Khaiyachora and its fall, you must ascend a hill. This is distinct, as evidenced by its nine primary stages and several sporadic ones. In Khoiyachhora, there is a hill that glows constantly from gas, even during rainy seasons.

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Hatimatha Pahar

Hatimatha, often referred to as Hatimura, is a steep route on the Perachhara Union in Khagrachhari that is gaining popularity among tourists due to its breathtaking natural beauty and native way of life. With its amazing vistas and thrilling hiking paths, this picturesque location is a nature lover’s and adventurer’s dream come true.

Enjoy sweeping vistas of the surrounding vegetation as you go through Hatimatha’s rocky highlands. You will be in awe of the breathtaking scenery created by the verdant forests, tumbling waterfalls, as well as mist-covered hills. Hiking routes with tall trees and bright wildflowers provide an exciting experience as you make your way over the tough terrain.

Mayabini Lake

Mayabini Lake is another popular Khagrachari Tourist Spot that you should consider visiting. Located in Kongchari para, this spot offers a very impressive look at nature. One of the standout things about this place is that there is a lake where you can ride on a boat. There is also an island in the middle point of the lake where you can take a break from your boat trip.

During the island adventure, you can also visit the rest room which is established for visitors especially. Moreover, there is also a Panchari Rubber Dam near this spot which you can also visit to get some exceptional experience. Overall, it is an ideal place to visit with family and friends or host a picnic.

Debota Purkur

The Tripura believe that this pond was created by the deity himself as a favor to the local populace. They say that taking a dip in this pond will satisfy the urge. This pond lies 12 miles from Khagrachari town, perched on a hill at an elevation of thousands of feet. This is the site of an annual pilgrimage fair on Baishuk. The distance from the Khagrachari-Mahlchari-Rangamati road to Maichchhari is seven kilometers.

Maichchari is situated four kilometers west of Nunchhari village. Following the one-kilometer hill trail from this Nunchhari settlement, you will soon arrive at Devota Pukur (Devota Pond) at the top of the hill. The vacationers’ minds will be at ease by this pond’s crystal-clear motionless water.

Hajachora Waterfall

In the Khagrachari hill district, Hajachara constitutes one of the most exquisite waterfalls. Ten number waterfalls, also known as Hajachara Waterfall, may be reached by foot in ten to fifteen minutes from the Dhiginala police post.  Don’t overlook this magnificent natural beauty whenever you visit Khagrachari.

This Khagrachari Tourist Spot is one of the best places to visit. Dighinala is the destination of Khagrachori City. A few kilometers separate you from Hajachora Waterfall. A CNG auto rickshaw is an option for transportation there. The beauty of it may be experienced with a ten to fifteen-minute walk in the wilderness from the road.

Toiduchora Waterfall

Located in the lush hills of Khagrachari, Bangladesh, Toiduchora Waterfall is a hidden treasure renowned for its peaceful beauty and soothing environs. This charming waterfall, which flows over rocky terrain with grace, is a captivating sight. It is a part of the rich natural scenery of the area. Toiduchora provides a tranquil haven from the bustle of everyday life.

The trip to the waterfall involves hiking along beautiful routes that provide views of the surrounding fauna and the beauty of nature, making the trip there in and of itself an experience. For those seeking adventure and those who enjoy the outdoors, Toiduchora Waterfall is the ideal location due to its pristine surroundings.

Wrap Up

In summary, Khagrachari is a culturally and naturally rich treasure trove that provides tourists with an experience that is unmatched. With its captivating Toiduchora Waterfall, enigmatic Alutila Cave, and lively local populations, this undiscovered treasure in Bangladesh offers relaxation, exploration, and a better knowledge of other cultures. Traveling to Khagrachari is more than simply a trip; it’s an investigation into the essence of culture and the natural world.

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