Top 9 Places to Visit in Cox’s Bazar: Tourist Spot in Cox’s Bazar

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar stands as a captivating haven of natural beauty and cultural intrigue. Known primarily for its unparalleled stretch of sandy shores, Cox’s Bazar boasts the longest sea beach in the world. There are different popular Places to visit in Cox’s Bazar, offering a treasure trove of experiences for travelers to explore. 

Visitors can immerse themselves in the spiritual tranquility of the Himchari National Park, where verdant hills. For history enthusiasts, the ancient temples of Maheshkhali Island offer a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage. Whether relishing the serene beauty of Inani Beach, marveling at the panoramic vistas from Himchari National Park, or engaging with the vibrant local life, Cox’s Bazar promises an unforgettable journey.

Top 9 Places to Visit in Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, a coastal gem in Bangladesh, entices travelers with the world’s longest sea beach. Beyond its sandy shores, explore Himchari National Park’s lush tranquility, delve into Maheshkhali Island’s historic temples, and relish Inani Beach’s beauty. Cox’s Bazar offers a rich blend of natural wonders and cultural marvels. Let’s explore some of the best Places to Visit in Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar Beach is an internationally recognized tourist hotspot, just a few kilometers from the town. Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest ocean beach, and this fact makes it popular among those outside of Bangladesh. It is referred to be Bangladesh’s travel hub and features a 120-kilometer-long, gently sloping sandy ocean shore. 

Because of its stunning natural beauty, this Tourist Spot in Cox’s Bazar draws travelers from all over the world all year long. Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach provides visitors with an outstanding experience being both the largest beach in the planet and the most well-liked tourist attraction in Bangladesh. It’s the ideal spot to unwind with its breathtaking vistas, inviting beach, and cooling waves.

Inani Beach 

Inani Beach is 25 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar’s main town, and the entire beach is approximately 18 kilometers long. This breathtaking view is easily accessible in around 30 to 40 minutes using only a car, CNG, and a Jeep. The beach is covered in tons of coral stones, which are almost exclusively found in a black-and-green combination of colors. We advise caution because these stones are exceedingly sharp.

People prefer swimming and bathing at Inani Beach since the water there is much cleaner than the water at the nearby beaches in Cox’s Bazar. Furthermore, the view of the sunset from Inani Beach is breathtaking; we advise bringing a camera to record some of the priceless unspoiled moments.


Himchori is a popular Cox Bazar tourist spot located 12 kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar seashore. This is a famous tourist destination in Cox’s Bazar for those who want less congested regions and more natural quiet. Himchori provides a variety of places for you to visit. A smaller beach nearby is less crowded than Cox’s Bazar.

There is also a lovely spring named Himchori Spring, with cool waters running through the hills. You will be fantastic at Himchori’s Cox’s Bazar tourist attractions. A bath in clean water would be a welcome bonus! The Himchori ecological park and a waterfall are among the popular attractions. The eco-park has an entrance price but will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Maheshkhali Island

Nestled within Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Maheshkhali Island stands out as a premier destination. Its proximity to the mainland doesn’t diminish its allure; rather, it amplifies its appeal to nature enthusiasts. The island is a sanctuary of natural wonders, bedecked with verdant hills, tranquil beaches, and enchanting vistas. A feast for the eyes, the island’s elevated points offer breathtaking panoramas of the Bay of Bengal.

Enveloped by dense mangrove forests, Maheshkhali Island emerges as a haven for ornithologists and those intrigued by local biodiversity. The exploration of indigenous flora and fauna becomes an adventure unto itself. Beyond its natural charm, Maheshkhali Island radiates with spiritual significance. This Tourist Spot in Cox’s Bazar houses a collection of temples, with the Adinath Temple reigning as the most renowned among them. Additionally, the ancient Ramu Monastery, a Buddhist treasure, beckons travelers and further enriches the island’s tapestry of attractions.

Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island is one of the most famous Places to visit in Cox’s Bazar, despite its modest size of about 9 square kilometers. It is located 15 kilometers northwest of Cox Bazar. The natural atmosphere and richness of this place remain untouched. This is why this area has many different creatures and plants. 

The population of this little, picturesque island is roughly 2000 people. The island is separated into two sections: east and west. In comparison, the Westside is more appealing as a tourist destination. On this island, you will feel a sense of oneness with nature. Visitors who prefer a more natural setting will love their stay. Sonadia island may be reached through Moheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar’s 6th port.

Marine Drive Road

One of Bangladesh’s most stunning routes is Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive. It is a well-liked tourist site and renowned for its breathtaking scenery and vistas. The route connects Cox’s Bazar with Teknaf and is around 80 kilometers long. It is a road that many people use daily and is quite popular with visitors. 

Numerous locals who reside in the neighborhood also utilize the route. Along the route, there are a lot of hotels and guest homes. Numerous individuals who work in the tourist sector also travel on this road. The region’s economy heavily depends on the road.

Laboni Beach

One of the most popular destinations in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar is Laboni Beach. It is the longest beautiful sandy sea beach in the world, measuring more than 120 kilometers of immaculate sand. Visitors get the chance to unwind, enjoy the sun, and take in the spectacular views of the Bay of Bengal at Laboni Beach. 

This Tourist Spot in Cox’s Bazar is renowned for its calm waves and luxurious golden sand, which make it ideal for swimming and tanning. Long walks down the beach allow visitors to enjoy the fresh wind and the crashing sound of the waves slamming on the shore. Jet skiing, surfing, as well as banana boat excursions are some of the recreational options available to visitors. 

Acuaholic Tourist Caravan

In this road, a brand-new open-roof tourist bus has been operating since 2020. Along the 80-kilometer-long Marine Drive route, tourists now have the chance to view the picturesque shoreline and mountainous regions. This bus left Cox’s Bazar’s Kalatoli point every morning at precisely nine. The Teknaf Peninsula is where we are going. 

The day-long package includes a stay in Teknaf’s lovely Sabrang tourist park. The open roof, large windows, plush chairs, and library of travel-related publications are all features of this two-story decked tourist caravan. On one side, visitors may see mountains and fountains, while on the other, a turquoise sea with red crabs racing on a ledge in this Cox’s Bazar visiting place. 

Kana Raja’s Cave

Kana Rajar guha is a further feature of a visit to Cox Bazar. Anyone may dive into the pothole’s 70-foot depth, which is at least 350 feet deep. According to a legend, this cave was built by a blind Marma King some 400 years ago for his private use. This area, which is 25 kilometers from Laboni Point on the Cox’s Bazar seashore, has been neglected for a very long time. 

The authorities have been aware of this beautiful site for the past two or three years. There is an artwork on the wall of this cave. After 70 feet, the cave that Kana Raja created can become highly unstable and provide its own set of difficulties for spelunkers. The last portion of the cave is inaccessible by foot. Consequently, dragging the body across the ground while crawling.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Cox’s Bazar presents an alluring tapestry of experiences that cater to a diverse range of interests. From the endless stretch of its renowned sea beach to the serene landscapes of Himchari National Park and the cultural treasures found within Maheshkhali Island’s ancient temples. 

The Places to Visit in Cox’s Bazar encapsulates the essence of both natural beauty and historical significance. Whether seeking relaxation on sandy shores or a journey through local heritage, Cox’s Bazar promises an enriching adventure that lingers in the hearts of all who are fortunate enough to explore its captivating offerings.

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