Top 10 Most Popular Fashion House in Dhaka in 2023

Are you searching for the best Fashion House in Dhaka? Fashion is one of the emerging industries in the world today, and Bangladesh is also a part of this industry. The garment industry is one of the most promising sectors of Bangladesh in the fashion industry. All new fashion houses are being built in Bangladesh to meet the demand of the garment sector.

There are many fashion houses in Bangladesh, especially in the capital city Dhaka. Today in this article, we will discuss some of the best fashion house in Dhaka. All these fashion houses do outstanding work for Bangladeshi people. So let’s take a look at the 10 best fashion houses in Dhaka.


Aarong was established in 1987 by a non-profit development organization called BRAC, and it specializes in Bengali ethnic clothing and handicrafts. The word Aarong means ‘village fair,’ and it was created to hold on to local traditions, crafts, and types to empower rural artisans. Typically, they formed a cooperative community, trained poor villagers, especially girls, and collected their crafts from selling.

Aarong plays an essential role in the fashion department of Bangladesh. Aarong is a trusted name for urban and indigenous clothing for people of all ages. Aarong’s most significant achievement is customer satisfaction by product quality. As self-branding, they are constantly providing new clothes in their style.

Cats Eye

Cat’s Eye started its journey in the fashion house platform of Bangladesh in 1980 through a small shop in Green Super Market. At present, it is one of the most famous fashion houses in Bangladesh. At the beginning of the journey, they were only involved in men’s fashion, but now Cats Eye is providing accessories for both men’s and women’s fashion.

Cats Eye displays a comprehensive collection of men’s and women’s clothing. Among them, shirts, pants, Punjabi, jeans, salwar kameez shoes, and other fashion accessories are famous. They have been striving to achieve customer satisfaction by the quality of the products involved with fashion.

Le Reve

Le Reve is a popular fashion house in Bangladesh, and it works with girls, men, and children’s fashion accessories. Founded in 2009, Le Reve provides fashion products for people of all ages for every occasion. Le Reve offers high-quality fashion accessories for both men’s and women’s fashion.

Le Reve presents a complete range of uniquely created ethnic clothing, casuals, and accessories inspired by the most contemporary fashion trends around the world in an exciting mix of silhouettes, colors, and styles. At Le Reve, customers can browse all products and shop in all their stores in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Kay Kraft

Kay Kraft is a fashion style brand and the house of fashion design. It is well known as a retailer and one of the best fashion houses in Dhaka for Women, Men, and Kids. Its fashion accessories, handicrafts, and handloom-based products mainly target the younger generation in Dhaka city and have become popular in a short time.

As self-branding, Kay Kraft crafts and reinvents fashion products for fashion-conscious people. Kay Kraft has become one of the leading brands in the fashion and lifestyle sector using its innovative designs and presentations. This fashion house has been involved in the successful business of handloom-based handcrafted fashion wear for more than twenty-seven years.


Richman is a well-known men’s fashion retailer that is owned by a different corporation. RICHMAN, LUBNAN, and INFINITY are all owned by the same parent group, Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd. The Richman is enhanced by its attractive architecture and trendy cloth.

This Brand, in particular, is well-known for its high-end luxury pieces. Richman creates a variety of fashionable products. People adore this Brand because it is less expensive than other well-known brands.


Established in 2004 by Beximco, Yellow is one of the best fashion house in Dhaka. Yellow has introduced itself to the customers for its high-quality fabrics with its international quality and quality designs. In addition to Bangladesh, this fashion brand has several stores across Pakistan and a 24/7 online store where they display and sell high-quality fashion items.

Yellow offers world-class designs at excellent prices. Their product line includes a variety of fashion clothing, perfumes, and accessories for men, women, and children. They also supply textiles, event-guard ceramic items, and much more for home decor.

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Sailor is a single and one of the leading fashion brands in the fashion industry of Bangladesh. As a fashion brand, Sailor is famous for its unique style and variety of collections. They are creating fashionable clothing and accessories for a range of all ages who believe they will stand out with their unique fashion sense and style statement.

Sailors celebrate all festivals and seasons with a remarkable collection of internally designed products because each season, we have a large design team to deliver a great new fashion. In this journey of fashion, we always make a quality effort to provide better products and services to the customers.


Ecstasy is a popular and best fashion house in Dhaka. It is more modern than others because of its ultra-modern and stylish clothing. It has started its journey in 1997 for modern design. As a result, it has quickly become one of the largest fashion retailers in Bangladesh.

Because of its current style, its outfit is quite popular among young people. The Brand offers men’s jeans, shirts, t-shirts, casual shirts, casual pants, women’s tops, Salwar Kameez, Kids Wear, Foot wear, Bag, Handicraft, perfume, jewelry, and other accessories.


Dorjibari is bringing back a truly contemporary approach to men’s fashion. The fashion brand has reimagined luxury for the twenty-first century under the creative director’s new concept. There are 35 showrooms in Bangladesh. Furthermore, attempts are being made to create stores and distribute fashion throughout Bangladesh’s districts.

Dorjibari is constantly striving to offer innovative and romantic items that symbolize the country’s leading fashion brands. We have exclusively concentrated on men’s fashion clothes to focus on their quality and detail for the last years. Dorjibari has become a popular fashion trend among both men and women. They are, however, exploring women’s fashion clothing and hope to open shortly.

Easy Fashion

Easy Brand is one of Bangladesh’s top-ranking fashion houses, thanks to its high-quality items and low costs. Aside from youthful and stylish products, EASY’s creations are based on trendy products that are advertised prominently in EASY’s showrooms.

Easy Fashion Limited’s well-known men’s fashion garments. Easy fashion is one of the most popular fashion houses in Bangladesh, working with men’s fashion items, and it is the best fashion house in Dhaka. Their products include basic t-shirts, polo t-shirts, designs, and formal shirts, Punjabi, and other fashionable products.

Final Thought

People of Bangladesh are fashion lovers due to birth or environmental reasons. In addition to our fashion and style local trends, there are some urban traditions. There are a lot of fashion houses in Bangladesh, and they are mainly based in Dhaka city.

In today’s article, we have presented the Top 10 Best fashion house in Dhaka. Apart from these 10 fashion houses, there are many more fashion houses in Dhaka City. However, in terms of popularity and product quality, these fashion houses are incomparable.

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